Chrysler's next sedan could be a Nissan Altima (or a Fiat)

Motor Trend is reporting that Chrysler is considering a few different options now for its 2012 midsize offerings. The first option is to stick with Project D, which is gobbling up engineering and design resources. Option two is to use either Fiat's premium midsize platform or the Nissan Altima platform, and design and engineer the rest of the vehicle from scratch. Chrysler can also decide to badge-engineer one of the vehicles, which would be a far cry from the original plan to have many vehicles spawned off one platform.

Since Fiat currently doesn't have any infrastructure in the U.S. and Nissan already has ties with Chrysler (Dodge will be building the next Nissan Titan and Nissan will be building the Hornet out of Versa parts), the Japanese automaker makes more sense.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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