Chrysler seems to be more than a little behind its cross-town rivals when it comes to electric vehicles and hybrids. After all, GM has committed a great deal of its available resources to get its Volt to market as quickly as possible and matches Chrysler's full-size SUV hybrid offerings. Ford has been selling a hybrid version of its own Escape for years with good success. Meanwhile, Chrysler has shown off three EV concepts that don't quite seem ready for prime time and has just released its first hybrids. Still, the automaker definitely recognizes that fuel efficiency and vehicles that don't use any gasoline at all will become increasingly relevant in the next few years.

Chrysler is also saddled with mid-size sedans that can't quite compete on even footing with the best from Detroit, Japan or Korea. It's hard at work fixing that problem and says that both fully electric and range-extended hybrids are being considered. With all the talk as of late regarding a possible GM/Chrysler merger (as unlikely as that seems), along with the admission that Chrysler would prefer to have a partner for its next mid-sized sedan, we wonder if the automaker has had talks with the General regarding platform sharing of the new Volt. Totally speculation, but interesting nonetheless, no?

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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