Chrysler looking for partners for mid-size car

Chrysler's Project D is in full swing, and the automaker has targeted an end-of-winter date for its decision on how to proceed. As a refresher, Chrysler has set up a team consisting of people from every facet of vehicle design and marketing with the goal of coming up with a suitable replacement for the Pentastar's mid-sized Sebring and Dodge Avenger, which we'll charitably describe as non-competitive. Possibilities for their replacements include creating a completely new vehicle architecture in-house or partnering up with another automaker that already has a well-designed sedan that Chrysler could use as a base for its next mid-sizer. Chrysler's not saying, but we've heard that discussions have taken place with Nissan/Renault, Fiat and, lest we forget, possibly even General Motors. According to the most recent reports, the automaker would actually prefer to partner-up on the project. In the mean time, we'd hope that Chrysler can perform a bit of mid-cycle magic on its Sebring and Avenger to make them just a wee bit more palatable.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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