Chrysler working on Project D to replace Sebring/Avenger

Amidst all the wheeling and dealing going on at Chrysler LLC., the automaker still has a lineup of current cars that needs attending to. The Chrysler Sebring/ Dodge Avenger duo have been underperforming in the marketplace since they were introduced in 2006, and in an interview with The Detroit Free Press, Chrysler's executive vice pres Frank Klegon reveals exactly what's going to happen to this company's midsize sedans in the future. Chrysler is readying a mid-cycle fix for the Sebring/ Avenger that will include improvements that Klegon calls "cosmetic" and some "more functional things". Hopefully the quality of the interior materials is addressed, as well as the engine lineup of these vehicles featuring a four- and six-cylinder that don't match up well with the competition in terms of power or fuel economy.
But Chrysler is also looking beyond the five-year life cycle of the current cars to what comes next. It has formed a special task force dubbed Project D, which has begun work on the next Chrysler D segment platform that will likely spawn sedans, hatchbacks and CUVs and be sold the world over. We have no details yet on the car, which should first arrive around 2011/12 in the form of replacement for the Sebring and Avenger. And as far as we know, Chrysler is not testing on chimpanzees.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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