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The Infiniti EX is a perfectly good little CUV with G37-inspired looks and sharp reflexes that keep it near the front of the cute 'ute segment in most reviews. Apparently that hasn't been enough to attract buyers. Or more precisely, the buyers who have been showing up at Infiniti dealers haven't been the kind of people that the company was actually marketing to. Where the advertising for the EX up to this point has been directed towards sedan buyers, and particularly couples or single women, a lot of families are actually looking considering it and, like ourselves, are complaining about the lack of back seat legroom and cargo room. Infiniti has taken those complaints to heart and is planning a few changes for the 2010 model that will increase room in both of those areas, though it hasn't said exactly how it will squeeze the extra cubic inches out of the vehicle's finite amount of interior space. Additionally, Infiniti will work with its dealers to help better pitch the EX to prospective buyers. An example of that is making content like the family-friendly Around View Monitor available in more trim levels. Hopefully it will help boost EX sales beyond the expected 15,000 units for this year, though we wouldn't get our hopes up in this market.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req.]

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