Infiniti's Around View Monitor is watching

The Infiniti EX concept that will debut this week at the New York Auto Show features a trick piece of parking assist technology called the Around View Monitor. It uses four cameras placed around the vehicle to create a composite video feed showing an aerial view of the vehicle. While we don't know much about how it works, the system features cameras placed in the grille, beneath both side view mirrors, and below the Infiniti badge on the concept's rear hatch. The camera in the grille is especially tricky, as it's concealed when not in use and rolls out when activated. It's even chromed to match the grille! The obvious use of the system is to aid in difficult parking manuevers. As such, we bet it can only be turned on when the vehicle is in reverse. We'd love to see someone hack the system to record a trip in motion from the sky, though.

Check out the video from Infiniti after the jump to see how the system works.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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