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Maserati is on a bit of a tear, and if things keep going its way, the Trident will turn that into a full-on ripper. The Gran Turismo S and Quattroporte S have secured the right kind of buzz, a Gran Turismo convertible – said to feature a cloth top, not a folding steel unit – is on the way, and there's always that Gran Turismo MC Corse Concept to hope for. If additional models get to wear the badge, they will come via Alfa. Fiat underlings Maser and Alfa have pledged to share technologies, so if Alfa picks up a RWD platform from someone else, that's an opportunity for Maserati to create a small sedan and coupe to fit underneath the GT and the Quattroporte. What Maserati will definitely not be creating, however, is a wagon: the Kuban GT has been taken off the menu. You'll hear no complaints from us about that, for while there can't be too many Maseratis, there can certainly be the wrong kind of Maserati.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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