Want to watch Lesley Stahl and Elon Musk tool around in a Tesla Roadster? If you missed the duo on 60 Minutes last night, you can still catch it online. The stalwart CBS reporter takes a 12-minute look at "The Race for the Electric Car." The piece starts out by talking the need for new battery technology, but then becomes a sort of personaity profile.

This happens when Stahl chats with Bob Lutz and his role in bringing the Volt to life. While he tells her he doesn't want to repeat his "global warming is a 'total crock of sh*t'" comment on the family news show (maybe all the flak had an effect), he does admit his personal carbon footprint isn't exactly small. With two helicopters and two jets in his family, not to mention all of his cars, Lutz is still a tempting target for mainstream news editors to use as a poster boy for GM's greenwashing. Still, in the rest of the piece we get to see people handbuilding Tesla Roadsters, an Aptera driving down the road and a clip of the Fisker Karma. Oh, and Bob Lutz kind of gloating over what's happenend to Tesla.

Watch the video after the break.

[Source: CBS]

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