Brudeli introduces Europe to its Leanster

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Trikes are pretty hot these days. Whether they lean or not, using three wheels instead of two is a concept that has been gaining traction in an effort to... gain traction. Three contact patches allows for more rubber on the road, ultimately leading to increased stability and rider confidence, or so they say. When we got the chance to hop on board a trio of Piaggio MP3s, we found that the technology worked exactly as promised, and that experience leaves us wanting to hitch a ride on the new Brudeli Leanster, now available in Europe.

Using a single-cylinder engine and platform from KTM, the Leanster adds a subframe and an entirely new front-end that's been designed to allow the rider to lean into the turns, as with the Piaggio. Harley-Davidson is also planning to enter the tilting-trike wars with a V-Twin powered street machine, but the Leanster is the only one of these machines that allows dirt riding. You'll pay dearly for the privilege of owning one, though, as the price is currently set at €21,000 ($30,677 at current exchange rates). That's a lot of coin for a cycle, but it sure does look like fun.

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[Source: Brudeli via Hell For Leather / Pics: Rune Baashus]

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