Patent drawings have revealed that Harley-Davidson, the quintessential American Motor Company, has been working on leaning three-wheelers for the last few years. This is a concept that has already proven itself viable with products like the Piaggio MP3 series of scooters currently on the market. HD has already established itself as a player in the V-Twin trike market with its first-ever factory trike, the Tri Glide Ultra Classic. That model, new for 2009, uses the more common arrangement of two wheels in back, one in front. Rumor has it that the upcoming model from The Motor Company will reverse that with the single wheel at the rear, a setup that we prefer for stability. If Harley does introduce a reverse-trike concept, expect it to be powered by the liquid-cooled Revolution motor as opposed to the classic 45-degree air-cooled twin that the company is famous for.

[Source: MC24 via Hell For Leather]

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