Truth and advertising often part ways when asked to play nice together in automotive ads. As much as this is the case when comparing cars and their various performance figures, it is also just as apparent when automakers go green with their marketing strategies. We've seen it many times before, and we are sure to continue seeing it well into the future. This time, it is Saab's Australian arm that is being hit for its over-inflated eco. Apparently, a line of marketing that claimed "Every Saab is green, with carbon emissions neutral across the entire Saab range" was found to be a bit misleading. Apparently, missing in the fine print was a note that Saab's planting of 17 trees only really offset a car's first year of carbon emissions. By claiming something different, Saab was not being fair dinkum. To make up for this transgression, the Swedish automaker is now planting 12,500 trees to offset the carbon emissions of all the cars sold during this particular campaign.

[Source: Drive via Autoblog]

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