C-Evo: Alfa Romeo 149 to get its own new platform... sorta

Alfa 149 rendering by Progetto 940

Remember how Ferrari kept saying it wasn't making a cheaper model despite the plethora of spy shots indicating otherwise? Well technically they were right: the California, as it turned out to be, is no cheaper than an F430. Ferrari's sister company Alfa Romeo seems to be going the same route. Although earlier reports had suggested that the upcoming 149, as it's being tentatively called, would share its platform with the Fiat Bravo, Alfa insisted the new car, pictured above in a rendering from Progetto 940, would get its own distinct platform.

The truth, it seems, lies somewhere in the middle. Although the basic architecture will be based on what underpins the Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta, Alfa's platform will be heavily modified to the point of bearing little resemblance to its corporate cousins. Dubbed "C-Evo", the newish Alfa Romeo platform will be more performance-oriented than the Fiat one on which it's based, and will underpin the five-door hatchback slated to replace the 147, as well as the future successor to the 159. The next Brera and Spider could also borrow off that (unfortunately front-drive) platform, along with an anticipated upcoming crossover.

[Source: Progetto940.it via eurocarblog]

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