BMW: U.S. may get turbo 4, depending on next President

BMW's North American CEO, Jim O'Donnel has ended the rumors of a new BMW four-cylinder engine option. It's true. And it sounds great. Not only will the new turbocharged engine outperform the current inline-six, it will get better fuel mileage and produce fewer emissions. Perfect! When is it coming? Could be soon for Europe. The United States, though, reportedly won't learn its fate until the upcoming Presidential election is complete. Um, sorry... what?

You're telling us all about this great new engine and how it's going to outperform the current engines, and then tell us that you'll only bring it here if the Feds force you to? That doesn't sound so good, especially for an automaker that is so proud of its "Most Sustainable" title. If the automaker has a good engine, we want it. It really is just that simple, and this includes those great diesels we've been taunted with.

[Source: BimmerFile]

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