Harley-Davidson says "screw fuel mileage"

America, please don't buy a Harley because it gets 50 mpg. MPG describes riding like biology describes sex. History has shaped this tank, not the whims of foreign oil. American workers pour their soul into it. Lets chase sunsets whether gas is 6 bucks or 6 red cents. Let's ride to parties like rock stars. Let's fill the tank that gives back more than we put in. So screw it, let's ride.

Click on the pic on the right to enlarge. Yeah, so that's a new ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Some of us here are motorcycle riders who have been riding since gas was cheap and who continue to ride now that it isn't. We still believe in the virtues that good gas mileage brings. We also don't recommend riding a motorcycle solely to save money on fuel, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Although we understand what Harley is saying with this particular advertisement (while also slyly mentioning that its bikes do get good mileage), we still wonder if it's the best message to send.

[Source: Motorcycles.About.com]

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