Confirmed: Volt will debut at GM's Centennial party

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The question of when and where the world will finally be properly introduced to the highly-anticipated Chevy Volt has been answered. Interested? Yeah, we thought so. Later this month, likely either on Monday, Sept. 15th or Tuesday, Sept. 16th, General Motors will unveil its new series hybrid in Detroit. The event will take place at The General's Centennial party and we expect that the gas-saver will be the official guest of honor. While we've seen a few cars which appear to have the Volt's final body shape pretty much intact, most recently on the set of the upcoming Transformers sequel, all of those cars have actually been nothing more than body shells on the guts of Chevy Malibus. GM's very own Bob Lutz, though, assures us that the Volt's electric underpinnings have been running around with nary a problem disguised as last-generation Chevy sedans.

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[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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