Darryl Hannah converting "Kill Bill" Trans Am to EV

The amazing Daryl Hannah is set to reprise her role from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill as the woman behind the wheel of that superbad 1980 Trans Am. Well, except for the deranged assassin and gas guzzling part. This time it's not a movie but real life and her ride is going to be eerily quiet as it gets its punching power from batteries instead of gasoline. Yes, this talented spokesperson for environmental transportation who recently auctioned off her bio-diesel El Camino is now promoting the benefits of electric driving. We aren't sure where the vintage Pontiac has been hiding out since its film role but Daryl has it and is getting ready to give it one extreme makeover. We don't have any of the technical details yet but we can say that she plans to supply her car with power from her own solar panels. We also suspect that she's going to have to invest in quite a few Kwh worth of energy storage to move almost two tons of epic bad attitude down the road at a pace worthy of it's decaled-hood heritage. We wish her good luck with her project and look forward to seeing "Elle Driver" and her beast back on the boulevards.

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[Source: Denver Post via Ecorazzi]

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