Daryl Hannah: From Hollywood star to green activist.

I admit, I am writing this so I can post the picture of Daryl Hannah drinking a glass of biodiesel. After years of quiet green living, Daryl Hannah speaks out about her life-long environmental activism in a San Francisco Chronicle article. Her two houses have been off the grid for a dozen years, she buys carbon offsets for all her travel, and she's been a vegetarian since she was a kid. She also drives an El Camino (!) running on biodiesel. Instead of grand gestures and public displays of activism, she has lived her beliefs of environmentalism, and treating people and other creatures on the planet with respect. In the wake of September 11, Hannah came to the realization that she needed to speak out about alternatives to petroleum fuels. She is also developing a series of full-length documentaries about activists through her production company. Go check out the article, and her vlog.
[Source: San Francisco Chronicle, thanks to Joel A for the tip]

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