Electric Vehicle Rolling Showcase brings Daryl Hannah to the Daily Show

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When Daryl Hannah sold her biodiesel El Camino on eBay earlier this year we didn't think it would herald a full-scale shift from biofuels to electric cars, but at the very least it moves her more into the hybrid zone (i.e., she supports multiple fuel alternatives, including this hybrid bike). Whatever the case, Hannah is currently in full-EV promotion mode and recently taped a segment for The Daily Show with new guy Wyatt Cenac (who doesn't know he's adopted).

The taping happened as part of the Electric Vehicle Rolling Showcase with our friend Paul Scott (the guy on the right in this picture) who is in Denver as part of the Democratic Convention happening this week. Paul describes how the Hannah interview went after the jump. Paul works with Plug In America, a tireless advocacy group that promotes electric vehicles and is working with Chris Paine on the sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car?

Aside from the Daily Show excitement, Paul was glad that, "the McCain supporters were there to supply some much needed humor." Sounds like a fun time.

[Source: Paul Scott / Plug-In America]

From Paul Scott:

We got a call from Obama delegate, and the organizer of the Electric Vehicle Rolling Showcase, Nate Vanderschaaf, asking us if we were available to pick up Daryl Hannah and assist her with a shoot for the Daily Show. Hell yes! Our only question was who would be the correspondent. Colette, Cayenne and I piled into one of the AC Propulsion eBoxes with Owen Emory behind the wheel and plied our way through the thick traffic silently and without polluting the Denver airshed.

When we got to the venue, the so called "Big Tent" where all the bloggers from Google, Daily Kos, Digg, etc. were ensconced, I went searching for the Daily Show producer. It was hot and noisy as hell. Only credentialed media and bloggers got inside, so I made the call from my cell to tell them we were there, and we waited. It wasn't long before I spotted a familiar face, Wyatt Cenac, one of the newest members of the Daily Show correspondent staff. I introduced myself and let him know that if he needed another perspective from that of Daryl, I was available. Fat chance, they wanted Blondie.

I did catch Daryl reviewing her notes and offered some pointers on the eBox since she was more of a bio-diesel proponent and, to my knowledge, not well versed on EVs. I'm glad it did since Wyatt asked several questions on the specifics of the car. There were a couple of answers that were, shall we say, less than correct, so I cringed, knowing what might be done in the Daily Show editing suite.

We'll see when this segment airs (tonight maybe?).

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