Protests against Tata Motors stop work at Nano plant

Earlier this week, we heard rumblings that workers at the east India plant that is supposed to build the Tata Nano could be besieged by members and supporters of the opposition party in the state. Automotive News Europe now brings us an update and says that the dissatisfaction against Tata Motors resulted in a work stoppage today when thousands of workers stayed home because of protests against the company. Police took 3,600 workers out of the factory yesterday.

The dispute is over 1,000 acres of land that Tata acquired from farmers in the area, and the company has expressed a willingness to move the factory if resistance doesn't die down. The farmers want to keep their land, while the government wants to give the land to Tata to help them build the much-hyped car, famous for being the world's cheapest. A Tata Motors spokesperson issued this very safe statement: "Our workers are not working today. We are assessing the situation as of now."

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[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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