Opposition siege could start at Tata Nano plant today

I never thought I'd be typing in the words "nano factory siege" into Google, but now I have. On the drive home last night, I heard a staticky report on BBC Radio about some sort of siege, starting today, at the plant that is supposed produce the world's smallest cheapest car. Since I didn't catch the whole story on the radio, I thought I'd see the the Internets can tell me. In short, it's a tricky situation, but the BBC has the details.

Apparently, because Tata Motors is one of the biggest companies in India, the opposition party in West Bengal - where the plant is located - is protesting the a move by the governing communist party. The point of contention is (I think) the thousand acres that the state seized for the factory's expansion. Tata chief Ratan Tata is threatening to move the production facility to another state if things don't calm down - and other states are saying they're more than happy to welcome him. We'll keep an eye on this, as the Nano promises to be a game-shifting vehicle wherever it is built.

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[Source: BBC]

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