Kia Soul to come in a rainbow of colors

Click above to see the Kia Soul in a kaleidoscope of colors

We've seen plenty early pictures of the upcoming Kia Soul, but only a few in any of the available production colors. No longer. Kia-World has managed to snag what appears to be some leaked official shots of the upcoming mini 'ute in all its production hues. We think there's a good chance that the Soul will fill a boxy void left when the last-gen Scion xB was lost as Toyota's entry-level brand went upmarket. Take a gander at the gallery below as Kia bares its Soul in Green Tea Latte, Cocktail Orange, Java Brown, Tomato Red, Moonlight Blue, Black Soul, and Clear White. Also available, though not officially shown as of yet, will be Blue Stone, Titanium Silver, Vanilla Shake and Bright Silver. That's a lot of choices, which is a good thing since buyers in this segment historically like to individualize their whips. The production model should debut at the Paris Motor Show in October and go on sale in the U.S. next April in all of its technicolor glory.

[Source Kia-World]

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