Illinois will get eco-friendly BMW-MINI dealership

Preparing for the next-generation of auto dealerships, the Bill Jacobs BMW/MINI shop will break ground September 12 in Naperville, IL. The dealer's website features a countdown timer and a whole heap of information about how Bill Jacobs' crew hopes to make the building a way to "discuss the importance of eco-friendly initiatives in the automotive industry, as well as why automotive retailing is ready for these sorts of changes." How ready? Well, the shop will have a BMW Hydrogen 7 on hand on the 12th, so let's just say that they're ahead of the curve. The building will also feature sun shading, low VOC paints and "will take advantage of water, recycling and ventilation technologies to make the dealership more environmentally stable." Sensible.

[Source: Bill Jacobs Groundbreaking]

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