Mahindra puts trucks on holding pattern till late '09

Anand Mahindra is adamant that the first diesel trucks in America bearing his name be as good as possible. While this is good news for buyers hoping to get a good deal on a 30 mpg work-vehicle, the delay it has caused isn't. Mr. Mahindra says that his trucks will travel some 3.2 million miles in the U.S. before going on sale. For our part, we are glad that the company will work out all the possible kinks before sending the trucks Stateside. There are reportedly over three-hundred dealerships which have already signed on to sell the trucks, though the vast majority have not yet completed their projects. Global Vehicles, the Georgia-based company in charge of the importation, hopes to have four-hundred-fifty total signed on before the end of next year.

JD Power and Associates was also hired by the Indian firm to check out its new truck. Apparently, nearly two-hundred changes were recommended by the company - all of which were carried out. That's mighty impressive and it also bodes well for a quality product. While the powertrain is still awaiting EPA certification, Mahindra got plenty of help from established companies and is confident that there won't be any problems on that front. Keep your fingers crossed for these and the hybrids.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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