Cadillac considering four-cylinder sedan for 2010

There are some old-timers out there who think Cadillacs should have big fins and V8 engines who aren't going to like this one bit. Emerging reports suggest that the General's luxury division may launch a four-cylinder model for the American market by 2011.

The new model would be positioned below the CTS and possibly include a turbocharger, as well as the potential for an optional V6. Cadillac already has a small four-cylinder model for sale in Europe, the BLS, which is based on sister company Saab's 9-3. But the BLS hasn't taken Europe by storm and Cadillac is still reportedly contemplating whether to port over the same name for the American model. While the successor to the Northstar V8 was canceled, and with a replacement for the STS and DTS reportedly on hold, Cadillac's general manager Jim Taylor wonders if Americans are ready for the idea of a four-cylinder Caddy. Rightfully so? The specter of the Cavalier-based Cimarron (see above) still looms large and we highly doubt Cadillac's clients are actually asking for a four-cylinder. While it's prudent for the Wreath and Crest brand to consider new models like this, we'd suggest taking a pass, guys and gals.

[Source: Automotive News – subs. req'd]

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