REPORT: Cadillac places DTS/STS replacement on hold

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It may be the end of the Big Cadillac. Not only has General Motors put plans for a DTS/STS replacement on the back burner, but apparently the flame is close to being extinguished as consumers are demanding smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles. Cadillac's banner year was 1954 (the year Elvis was driving a pink '54 model). Back then, the big Caddys represented wealth and success (and gas was only $.25 per gallon). Today, a 4,000-pound super-sized sedan averaging 15 mpg in the city cycle doesn't bode well with anyone. With plans for their replacement on hold, and the rumor that the DTS/STS my be combined into one new vehicle unconfirmed, GM is focusing on coupe and wagon versions of the CTS and smaller and more fuel efficient SUVs. For the record, we don't consider the just-announced $71,000 2009 Escalade Hybrid smaller and more efficient....

[Source: Bloomberg]

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