Cadillac UK sets equal pricing for BLS sedan or wagon

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At the Frankfurt Motor Show this past September, Cadillac unveiled the BLS estate, the company's first wagon. The Euro-only Caddy, which slots into the line-up below the CTS, is based on the Saab 9-3 and takes on its wagon bodystyle in addition to a sedan. Cadillac's British operation has released its pricing scheme for the latest BLS, and intriguingly set the base MSRP at the exact same level as the sedan.

For £21,495, British customers can choose the BLS sedan or "estate" wagon, with either a gasoline or diesel base engine, beyond which Cadillac is offering an additional three engine options for the sedan or five for the wagon, including a new 180-hp turbodiesel and Saab's 200-hp Biopower ethanol engine, relabeled for the Caddy as Flexpower. No matter the engine or bodystyle choice, the BLS comes fully equipped with Elegance remaining as the only trim level and only metallic paint (£500) and sunroof (£650) as optional equipment.

[Source: What Car?]

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