Stay away from Disney World: All of Chrysler going on vacation same two weeks next July

A few months back, Chrysler threw a wrench in its employee vacation plans by mandating that all white collar workers take the last two weeks of July off. The move wasn't very popular due to the short notice provide, and didn't save much money, but team Pentastar has decided to do it again next year. This time, however, employees have 11 months to plan their trip to the Magic Kingdom or a fuel-saving staycation (sorry, we'll never use that term again).
Chrysler spokesperson Shawn Morgan says synchronized time off is good for helping the struggling automaker to become more efficient. The idea is that cutting down on randomly timed vacation will help projects to stay on course while also keeping different project teams from getting ahead of one another. Employees actually like the idea of getting a two week chunk of time off right in the middle of summer, provided that ample notice is given to them to plan accordingly. It also helps workers from worrying about work that is being done in their absence, helping to make the time off more enjoyable.

[Source: Detroit News]

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