Chrysler workers none too happy about "mandatory" vacation

The recent decision by Chrysler to give employees a mandatory, unpaid two week vacation has workers peeved, and it's tough to blame them. Many long-time workers have already planned and paid for vacations that land outside of July 7-21, so those employees will have to cancel their plans or risk going unpaid for two weeks. It's very public news that Chrysler isn't exactly rolling in fortunes, and employees know that sacrifices being made, but as the Freep points out, Chrysler management really botched this one.

The problem lies with the absence of communication regarding vacation time until less than four months before the scheduled time off, when many plans are already set, and some vacation is already taken. Then there's the fact that some of the product development is being shuttered for two whole weeks when Chrysler is already behind the competition and can't afford to take half a month off. Cerberus may be new to the auto industry, but it isn't taking the private company long to disenfranchise its employees.

[Source: Free Press]

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