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The Tartan Prancer is a 21st Century Wagon Queen Family Truckster

We get our first look at the Tartan Prancer, which is the 21st century Wagon Queen Family Truckster that the Griswold family will drive in the new Vacation movie coming out July 29 in the US.

Infiniti takes QX60 on vacation for National Lampoon-inspired ad

Infiniti wants you to remember a comedy classic in its new ad for the QX60 that evokes a famous scene from National Lampoon's Vacation.

Daimler employees can set email to auto-delete during vacation

The Internet has shrunk the world in terms of the way people communicate by making it possible to send an email from Oslo and have it show up in Cleveland almost immediately. But that instant contact has wrecked the work/life balance for many. They get home from a long day at the office, yet they can never fully put their feet up and relax because another hour or more of checking and replying to emails awaits. However, German automotive giant Daiml

Boaz Frankel goes on an "Un-Road" trip

Click above and scroll down to watch the video

Stay away from Disney World: All of Chrysler going on vacation same two weeks next July

A few months back, Chrysler threw a wrench in its employee vacation plans by mandating that all white collar workers take the last two weeks of July off. The move wasn't very popular due to the short notice provide, and didn't save much money, but team Pentastar has decided to do it again next year. This time, however, employees have 11 months to plan their trip to the Magic Kingdom or a f

Chrysler plans summer shutdown, mandatory vacation for workers

The AP got a hold of an internal email sent to all Chrysler employees informing them in no uncertain terms that they will be taking a vacation from July 7 through July 21. While some kind of plant shutdown is apparently common for most automakers during the summer, this corporate-wide stoppage will also include salaried employees, with the exception of a few teams that will stick around to work on special projects. A Chrysler spokesperson didn't divulge any hard details about the reason for the

Photo Gallery: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Drive small cars.

I met a guy at the Motor Trend Community Forum who recently took a trip to Rome. While he was there, he took many pictures, and many of them were in an attempt to find the smallest cars in Rome that people actually drive. Look at the Gallery, you will see some classics like the Fiat 500, and some not-so-classics... like, well, I have no idea what some of them are. But, they certainly are small, and I bet they get so

Trip around Europe pure-green style

Want to tour around the European countryside without inflicting any form of petroleum products (i.e., car, bus, train, subway) into the atmosphere? How about biking? Neil Woodburn of sibling blog gadling found an article detailing such a mode of touring. From physical fitness, starting points, biking organizations, to the right bikes and routes, the article, called "The Complete Guide To Europe By Bicycle", provides plenty of information even for beg

Let a GyPSy Guide give you a tour of Canada

Traveling to the Canada in the next few months? Instead of relying on information culled from the Internet, travel guides or tours, or friends up in the Great White North, GPS Tour Guide has another option: GyPSy Guide.