WillieRun - from New York to Cali on one* tank of gas

Thanks to diesel's high-mpg factor and some of Europe's small countries, it's not impossible to hit six nations on one tank of fuel. Here in the U.S., though, the distances are a bit longer, and we can't quite make it to as many lands without refueling. Some see the distance as a challenge to be conquered, like Nik Bristow and his driving buddy, who intend to take a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI from NYC to Los Angeles on one* tank of gas. The trip will take place about a month from now and is named after Mr. Biodiesel himself, Willie Nelson.

Willie Run will set off from Manhattan on September 22 with the intent to arrive in LA on the the 24th. The whole "one tank" thing, though, needs to be explained, since there's no Jetta available that's going to drive the whole 3,000 miles without a refil. The guys installed a "second, high-capacity fuel tank" into Willie One to provide the needed fuel. Bristow sent and email to AutoblogGreen to explain the reason why:

Why do it? Well, outside the circles of car junkies and hippie-types, biodiesel is still relatively unknown, at least in America. The average Joe who's feeling the squeeze at the pump thinks that his only option for an environmentally responsible fuel-sipper is a hybrid. But as we car-lovers know, diesels are comparatively much more efficient than their gasoline counterparts, sometimes even more than their hybrid colleagues, and can still deliver great performance. When you add biodiesel to the equation, a diesel-powered vehicle is one of the best options for the environment, the wallet and for our domestic energy security. Willie Run '08 aims to make that a well-known fact.

Get more details at the Willie Run site and stay tuned for updates. Bristow said he hopes that the Willie Run will become an annual event, with a whole fleet of "coast-to-coast cruisers from University Engineering Schools, major auto manufacturers, backyard tinkerers and maybe even TEAM AUTOBLOGGREEN." We'll see.

[Source: Willie Run / Nik Bristow]

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