VIDEO: Six countries on one tank? Welcome to diesel driving in Europe

For Americans who have never driven in Europe, it might be hard to imagine driving through six countries on a single tank of fuel. In the U.S. it would be hard to drive through six states on a single fillup. British hypermiling enthusiasts John and Helen Taylor set out to see just how far they go in a pair of Jeeps, in this case a Compass and Patriot. The official range of those too models is 473.5 miles. Unlike the U.S. versions, these European Jeeps are equipped with 2.0L diesel engines rated at 36mpg (Compass) and 35mpg (Patriot) combined.

The couple set out from London and headed for the Channel Tunnel. Once they got off the train, they set off through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. They ended up in Slubice Poland, 698 miles from their starting point. Each vehicle used about 48L of diesel with the Compass achieving 55.6mpg (U.S.) and the Patriot doing slightly better at 56.2mpg. Pretty impressive numbers for crossovers (come on, these are not SUVs even if they are Jeeps, in name at least). Head over to the Chrysler Blog and check out the video.

[Source: Chrysler Blog]

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