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BioWillie, Willie Nelson's biodiesel dream, goes up in smoke

Singer's Biofuel Plans Looked Good In 2008, But Not In 2014

Here's a blast from the past, the name BioWillie hasn't been heard on these pages since 2008, and its reappearance today isn't a bit of good news. The ambitious plan from country music singer WIllie Nelson to help American farmers by turning their crops into American fuel for American truckers (are you noticing a theme?) has officially Sebastian Blanco

WillieRun - from New York to Cali on one* tank of gas

Thanks to diesel's high-mpg factor and some of Europe's small countries, it's not impossible to hit six nations on one tank of fuel. Here in the U.S., though, the distances are a bit longer, and we can't quite make it to as many lands without refueling. Some see the distance as a challenge to be conquered, like Nik Bristow and his driving buddy, who intend to take a 2006 Volkswagen

'Freedom Fuels' documentary now playing online

A crisp and informative documentary on alternative fuels is playing on Mofilms.org. Called "Freedom Fuels," the movie is a fast-paced collection of interviews and TV news reports that covers the technology and politics of different fuels. Celebrities Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson are featured, as are clips from the "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report."

Biodiesel provides hope to farmers, Willie Nelson on PBS' NOW

Haven't heard enough from Willie Nelson on the subject of biodiesel and BioWillie? The PBS program NOW broadcast an interview with the Red-Header Stranger and David Brancaccio this weekend, and if you missed it, you can watch the show online at PBS.org.

Earth Biofuels invests in Illinois' largest biodiesel plant

This post is for those of you who are really interested in the biodiesel industry. The news itself - that Earth Biofuels will invest five million dollars into a new company called Biodieesl Investment Group - is simple. But behind the news is a lot of biofuel industry heavy hitters. For example, Earth Biofuels is the company that produces BioWillie. Also, the Biodiesel Investment Group will work with Bunge North America to build the largest biodiesel p

BioWillie welcomed in Tennessee

BioWillie is moving north. Willie Nelson's brand of B20 biodiesel is being sold for the first time in Tennessee. The inaugural station is the Mid-Tenn Auto and Truck Plaza in Cookeville, which is located between Knoxville and Nashville on Highway 70 off of I-40.

Willie Nelson gets love from the EPA

The Soy Daily has the full text of the EPA Region 9’s statement this week honoring singer Willie Nelson for his work promoting biodiesel. As most readers are probably aware, Nelson has become one of the most prominent promoters of biodiesel in America, and is one of the reasons gas stations across the country are – slowly –  beginning to offer biodiesel at their pumps. Nelson is one of 39 p

Flickr biodiesel photos

Now and again here at AutoblogGreen, especially on weekends when people have a little bit of time to investigate a site on their own, we’ll take a peek at recent Flickr photos that have a green car technology theme to them. We’ll pick out some of our favorites and give you a chance to nominate your own faves in the comments. Today, we’ll start by looking at some photos tagged as “biodiesel”, of which there are c