The "first unlimited mileage electric car" from FOSH is a no-show

UPDATE: read about the FOSH hoax here. Also, links to FOSH have been removed.

On Friday, we alerted you to the upcoming unveiling that was supposed to happen on Monday of what was purported to be a new electric car like no other. Yes, this was to be a vehicle that could completely reinvent the auto industry, break all the laws of physics and cause small bunches of daisies to protrude from the gun barrels of armies everywhere. Indeed. Well, the appointed time of the unveiling came. And went. No car, no perpetual motion and no daisies were to be seen. Instead, visitors to the website of FOSH Automotive, whose name is not an acronym for "full of sweet honey" but rather is derived from the names of the four individuals who make up this braintrust, had a new message awaiting them.

The company, who apparently were unaware of the large number of people who might be interested in a gas-free, unlimited energy car for $25,000, didn't actually have any pictures or video of their vehicle featuring "some of the sexiest curves and doesn't resemble any electric car you have ever seen." Instead there is a new message that says that, even if their revised unveiling on one of two television networks falls through, next Monday at 9 PM CST there will be a "live video feed" available on their website. We would love to cover that event but, unfortunately, the entire AutoblogGreen staff has a game of tennis with a lovely family of sasquatch booked for that evening which we really can't re-schedule. Perhaps a rain-check? Thanks to Julie, Moshe and Stuart for the tip!


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