All Mercedes and VW clean diesels earn tax credit

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We already knew that purchasers of VW's new clean diesel-powered Jetta for 2009 would be eligible for a tax credit of $1,300, and now more models from Germany get the same treatment from the Internal Revenue Service. All Mercedes-Benz models equipped with the BLUETEC emissions treatment technology will get a rebate. The 2009 GL320, R320 and ML320 BLUETEC are expected to go on sale beginning in October of this year, which should give prospective buyers plenty of time to get ready to prepare for the savings on their taxes. Each of the vehicles will get a different rebate ranging from $900 for the ML to $1,800 for the GL due to the process the IRS uses to determine how much fuel will be saved by the vehicle. As with other similar systems, each manufacturer is limited to 60,000 units sold before the rebates come to an end.

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[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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