KERS Formula 1 hybrid system will not be delayed

The Kinetic Energy Recovery System will indeed be affixed to the powertrains of Formula 1 cars in 2009. The issue of whether the hybrid system should be delayed was recently brought up, with Renault calling a meeting of all the teams together to discuss the problem. It seems that BMW, Honda and Williams were all ready to go with their systems, as these three manufacturers voted in favor of the KERS technology for the '09 racing season. In fact, Honda has already successfully track tested its system and sees no reason why it can't be made safe. Even BMW believes it can have its system ready in time, despite the jolting wake-up-call that one of its mechanics recently got from a test-car equipped with the high-voltage system. Because a consensus is needed in order to change the previous decision, the KERS system appears to officially have the green light for '09.


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