Harald J. Wester replaces Roberto Ronchi as Maserati CEO

Turnover rates at the top of the chain at Maserati continue to rise as the Trident marque searches for stability and growth. Since taking over Maserati from De Tomaso, the Fiat Group has appointed a long stream of executives to lead the marque. None have seemed to pass muster, however. Martin Leach (previously head of Ford in Europe) was replaced by former Rolls-Royce chief Karl Heinz Kalbfell in 2005, who was subsequently axed in favor of Roberto Ronchi in 2006. Now, following the departure of the company's North American head James Selwa earlier this year, comes news of yet another leadership change at Maserati.

Harald J. Wester has stepped up to the plate to take the reins at Maserati. Wester started his career at Volkswagen, then moved to Audi, Ferrari, and Magna Steyr before being hired as Chief Technical Officer for the Fiat Group, a position he will continue to execute in parallel to his leadership of Maserati. Wester is a heavy hitter, but so were many of the others who have gone through the big revolving door in Modena. If Wester manages to perpetuate the company's profitability and follow up on the success of the GranTurismo and Quattroporte with new, exciting models, we'll be sold...and hopefully Fiat Group chief Sergio Marchionne will be, too.

[Sources: Italiaspeed and Automotive News Europe]

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