Update: three-wheelers might be registerable soon in Ohio

Early last month, we found out that Ohio was hesitant to license electric 3-wheelers because of a new definition of what the seat needed to look like. This would have meant that electric vehicles like the Aptera (above), the Zap Xebra and the NMG would be a legal limbo in the state. The good news from the Cleveland Plain Dealer blog, though, is that versions of a big spending bill - House Bill 562 - have been passed by both the House and Senate, and it looks like the conference committee that is reconciling the differences will keep the redefinition of a motorcycle as a vehicle that has no more than three wheels and either a "saddle" or a normal seat. The legislature could pass the bill today. If that happens, and it is signed into law by the governor, it will allow three-wheeled EVs to be registered as motorcycles, but helmet laws might mean that drivers will need to protect their heads with a brain bucket for the first year. Ohio's Bureau of Motor Vehicles is still hoping for a more comprehensive legal solution that will get rid of quirks like that, but at least Ohio drivers can register their emission-free rides now.

[Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, Thanks to Robert S. for the tip]

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