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Maryland woman reports on life with her Corbin Sparrow electric car

Although no longer sold, the Corbin Sparrow, which sort of resembles a rollerskate, was an electric vehicle classified as a motorcycle in the U.S. that was available between 1999 and 2002. 285 Sparrows were built before the company filed for bankruptcy. It was capable of 75 mph and could travel somewhere between 30 and 60 miles on one charge of its 156 volt battery pack. Of course, along with that, it produced zero emissions in operation.

Valerie Myers of Hagersown Maryland owns a Sparrow and a Toyota Prius. She tries to take the Sparrow when she can, but it's limited space and range sometimes cause her to drive the Prius instead.

A very similar model is currently for sale as the NmG, or "No More Gas", from Myers Motors in Ohio.



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