New KITT Attack Mode revealed at Comic Con

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NBC is unveiling the new Attack Mode for KITT today at the very large Comic Con convention in San Diego. is covering the reveal of the car live in its forums, but this image has already made its way on the web and confirms that KITT has had his wings sheared. Gone are the various spoilers that cluttered the first version and what remains is a cleaner car with dual side exhausts, a deep chin spoiler that looks pretty heavy duty, an equally strong looking mesh grille, what appears to be rocket launchers where a shaker scoop would go, a still-very-big rear wing, rear air diffuser and new spokeless wheels that were stolen right off of a Bonneville Salt Flats racer. The rear tires are extremely oversized and still manage to poke out from the newly flared fenders. Is it better than the first Attack Mode version of KITT? Yes. That doesn't mean we necessarily like it, though. The Knight Rider fan community seems split as well. Make up your mind in the comments after visiting for over 20 more additional high-res pics of the new Attack Mode KITT.

New live shots on KRO reveal Attack Mode KITT has lambo doors.
UPDATE 2: returned with a big gallery of live images.

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