Rendered Speculation: Infiniti's four-door GT-R

Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn may have dismissed the notion of an Infiniti sedan based on the GT-R as "online blog speculation", but that won't stop the automotive press from churning out renderings just the same. Following an earlier sketch commissioned by Motor Trend comes the computer rendering you see above, predicting what a GT-R-derived Infiniti sports-sedan could look like. The rendering comes courtesy of Japan's Top Car magazine, and does a good job of translating the GT-R's styling into an even bigger, more commodious package.

If they built it, the four-door GT-R would certainly have the looks to stand its ground against the likes of the Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera and the eventual production version of the BMW Concept CS. And with GT-R underpinnings, it would most definitely have the performance to match.

[Source: GTR-World via GTRBlog]

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