Ghosn dismisses GT-R sedan, Q45 successor likely

Ghosn recently told reporters at the Geneva Motor Show that the idea of a four-door super sports sedan based on the Nissan GT-R is "online blog speculation". Uh, you talking to me? Of course it's speculation, but we're from America and if two doors is good then four must certainly be better, right? Actually, no, we're fine with the GT-R fulfilling its purpose as a personal road rocket with room for two. And no blog started the four-door GT-R rumor, that would be Motor Trend, which, on authority from a "senior Nissan source", went so far as to commission renderings of the imaginary model, as well.
Infiniti will likely, however, field a successor to the discontinued Q45 that's more suited to take on its German competition, a charge that's all the more relevant considering Infiniti's impending penetration into the Western European market. Such a flagship model would likely be powered by the new 390-horsepower 5.0L V8 that debuted in the also-new FX50 in Geneva. Hopefully the next Q will be more competitive than the model that no one noticed disappear from the market two years ago, but don't expect a four-door GT-R. It doesn't sound like Ghosn wants one at the moment and the brand is more in need of a new top model to replace the M35/45 that's hardly suited for the job.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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