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Awesome! BMW will be converting MINI's from gas to electric drive! Oh, wait... the vehicles sill be sold only in California? And the number is capped at five-hundred regardless of how many people actually want one? Yes, and that is not awesome. For this reason, a man by the name of Mike S. has created an online petition begging BMW to offer more of them for sale at a price of $35K or less. A worthwhile goal for sure, though one we can't imagine actually happening as a result of the support of a few hundred EV devotees.

So far, there are nearly one-hundred-fifty signatures, with many of the signers suggesting that they would purchase them if available. Honestly, this kind of thing happens regularly, and many of those who say they will make the purchase simply don't for any number of reasons. Still, the idea of a small electric vehicle backed by A BMW warranty and service department is a very exciting prospect. Maybe it's worth a signature after all. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: iPetitions.com]

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