Volkswagen releases three concepts... from 2028

Click the above image of the Ego for more shots of VW's 2028 concepts

For years, Inquiring minds have been imagining what the world will look like in the not-too-distant future, and, as you're no doubt aware, our brains have a knack for envisioning more than our feeble hands can produce. That appears to be the case with Volkswagen and its look 20 years into the future of the automobile. So, with that in mind, what does VeeDub see as the future of transportation in twenty years? To begin with, customizable cars which can be summoned up in just minutes. Traveling alone? Choose the One, a single-seater, for the smallest footprint possible. Want to have some fun? Choose the aptly named Ego, a sporty two passenger coupe with an instant custom flame job. If you need to haul the whole clan, the future's family truckster VW Room needs no driver, leaving you with plenty of quality time with the kids.

Volkswagen envisions vehicles which communicate with each other, meaning that driver involvement is kept to a minimum, traffic is a thing of the past and accidents are completely avoided. Of course, no vision of the future would be complete without the elimination of fossil fuels, and VW sees to it that biofuels and electricity power the cars of the future. Interestingly, the not-so-futuristic up! concept is used as the starting point for the German automaker's future designs. Head on over to the micro-site for more.

[Source: Volkswagen 2028]

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