Bell Aurens Longnose Land Rover looks ready to tackle the bush

Click above for more renderings of the Bell Aurens Longnose

Few things define British motoring better than a Land Rover and the classic roadster. So, why not combine the two? While the vehicles share nothing in common except their status as iconis, two German Brit-car aficionados have melded the two vehicle classes into the Bell Aurens Longnose Land Rover. The end result is somewhat reminiscent of a Willys Jeepster, though it's far more serious in intent. Custom bodywork sits atop a classic Land Rover Series chassis, to which V8 or V12 power is added -- it's up to the buyer. Four-wheel-drive and low-range gearing assure that the Landie's off-road credentials are left fully intact.

Based on the rendering above, the vehicle certainly looks long and low, with no protection from the elements to speak of. Its lengthy bonnet leads to a passenger compartment fronted by folding windscreens. A choice of rear end styles will be available, including an optional boattail, perfect for fording muddy waters. You can read the long-winded press release in its entirety over at The Land Rover Chronicles.

[Source: The Land Rover Chronicles]

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