Renault introduces a 130 HP iteration of the TCe engine

Small yet powerful. This is the premise of the many new generation small turbocharged engines that are making appearances left and right, like in recent offerings from Volkswagen (TFSI) and Fiat (T-Jet). We've already covered the 100 HP version of the TCe, but now there's news of a more powerful version which will drive the upcoming Megane replacement, swapping out the current 2.0-liter 136 HP engine and offering a 16 percent drop in CO2 emissions.

According to the press release (found after the jump), the TCe has the output of a 1.8-liter engine and the torque of a 2.0 liter, while keeping the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from a 1.6-liter engine. The engine was developed from Nissan's 1.5 and 1.6-liter units, and it ready for the upcoming Euro V antipollution regulations.

[Source: Renault]


With TCe 130, a new addition to the TCe family

The latest Renault petrol engine, the TCe 130, is a perfect illustration of the manufacturer's downsizing expertise. With the 130hp output of a 1.8-litre engine and the 190Nm torque of a 2-litre engine, this new 1.4-litre unit yields C-segment CO2 emission levels that are just below those of a 1.6-litre engine. Like its smaller sibling, the TCe 100, the TCe 130 combines a small engine with a low-inertia turbocharger that is responsive even at low engine speeds. Its very low fuel consumption and environmental credentials ensure that the TCe engine anticipates the potential resurgence of interest in petrol engines that the introduction of the Euro 5 emission standard is likely to trigger.

Developed as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance the TCe 130 is a perfect illustration of the synergies between the partners' engineering expertise: Nissan's lies in developing petrol engines, while Renault has built up experience in combustion and turbocharging.

Derived from the normally aspirated HR15 and HR16 engines (the 1.5 and 1.6-litre units in the Nissan line-up), the new TCe 130 has an aluminium sump and a single-flow turbocompressor. The profile of its inlet ports has been redesigned compared with those of the normally-aspirated engine. The new ports create a swirling inflow, which mixes fuel and air more evenly, so improving combustion. Thanks to this tumbling flow of air the combustion flame burns more efficiently, improving torque at low revs without impairing performance at higher engine speeds. A continuously variable camshaft angle at the intake port improves performance at all engine speeds and helps reduce fuel consumption. The engine has a timing chain that which not only cuts noise but is also reliable and durable.

The TCe 130 drives through a six-speed manual gearbox and is made at the Valladolid plant in Spain.

TCe 130 engine: technical characteristics

Type (Renault) H4Jt
Cubic capacity 1,397cc
Bore x stroke (mm) 78 x 73.1
Number of cylinders / valves 4 / 16
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Maximum power 96kW (130hp) at 5,500rpm
Maximum torque 190Nm at 2,250rpm
Fuel injection Sequential multipoint
Emissions standard Euro5
Gearbox Six-speed manual TL4
Use Renault C-segment vehicles

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