Small yet powerful: Fiat's T-Jet engine on the Grande Punto

The T-Jet engines from Fiat look like a good thing. The basic principle is easy: reduce engine capacity to reduce fuel consumption, but boost the compression ratio and add twin-turbos, one for low rpm, other for higher.

The engine was introduced in the Fiat Bravo (a Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit kind of competitor) and now it's coming to the Grande Punto. Remarkably, both models are bigger than the models they replaced and not just by a few inches but half foot at least. Still, Fiat has invested in smaller engines than can move them anyway.

Specs for Fiat's T-Jet engine installed in the Grande Punto are: 1,4 l gasoline engine, 4-cylinders, 16 valves. 120 HP and 152 lb-ft of torque. It makes 0-60 in 8.9 seconds. The green numbers are quite respectful for the car: 27 city, 44 hwy, 35 combined (EU Cycle) and 155 CO2 g/km.

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