Audi adds 2.0-liter TFSI to A5 lineup

The A5 already has good looks, and for the 2009 model year, Audi's killer coupe adds a bit of environmental responsibility. Audi's new 2.0L TFSI engine will be added to the A5's repertoire, giving the four-ringed automaker a vehicle capable of a reported 42.8 Imperial mpg (36 mpg US) in mixed driving. The little powerplant also has a fun side, with 208 hp at 4300 rpm and 258 lb-ft at 1500 rpm, which helps the A5 hit 62 mph in a respectable 6.9 seconds when equipped with the six-speed manual. The engine was derived from the 1.8L TFSI, but it includes Audi valvelift technology, which ueses sliding cam units mounted on the intake camshaft to allow for more valve lift variation to maximize performance and efficiency. The good news is that the frugal petrol motor will be available beginning this August for a respectable £28,760, but the bad news is that there is no word when the engine will be available Stateside. It will, however, be available in the A4 when it launches this fall. Hit the jump to view Audi's press release.



Latest Turbo FSI engine joins Audi coupé range and reiterates that fun and frugality are far from mutually exclusive

A5 2.0 TFSI now available to order in front-wheel-drive or quattro all-wheel-drive forms priced at £28,760 OTR and £30,285 OTR – first deliveries in August
All-new Turbo FSI engine is based on 1.8 TFSI from new A4, but adds Audi valvelift technology for improved engine 'breathing' to maximise performance and efficiency
211PS @ 4,300 to 6,000rpm, 350Nm @ 1,500-4,200rpm
A5 2.0 TFSI 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds, top speed 155mph, combined mpg 42.8, CO2 154g/km
A newly developed Turbo FSI petrol engine available from this week for the Audi A5 provides the sought-after coupe with yet another choice blend of pace and pence-per-mile efficiency. The new 211PS A5 2.0 TFSI can be ordered in either front-wheel-drive or quattro permanent all-wheel-drive forms for £28,760 OTR or £30,285 OTR, and will reach its first UK customers in August.

The new high-tech 2.0-litre unit is derived from the already much praised 1.8 TFSI engine introduced recently in A3, A4 and A5 models, but takes its efficiency a step further still through the use of new Audi valvelift technology. By employing sliding cam units mounted on the intake camshaft that allow for more variation in the degree of valve lift, the engine is able to 'breathe' even more effectively, switching to a higher cam profile when strong acceleration is required, or a lower profile that requires less fuel and air compression when throttle usage is more relaxed.

The new 2.0-litre TFSI unit delivers 211PS from 4,300rpm and a very impressive 350Nm torque maximum from just 1,500rpm – more even than the 3.2-litre V6 FSI unit also powering A5 models. It enables the front-wheel-drive A5 2.0 TFSI with six-speed manual transmission to cover the 0-62mph sprint in 6.9 seconds, reach a top speed of 155mph and return up to 42.8mpg according to the combined cycle test. And despite doing full justice in performance terms to the purposeful styling of the A5, it also shows restraint where emissions are concerned, with an output of 154g/km for the front-wheel-drive version.

Standard specification for front-wheel-drive and quattro all-wheel-drive versions of the new A5 2.0 TFSI includes xenon headlamps with trademark LED strip daytime running lamps, 17-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels, 3-zone electronic climate control, a 10-speaker Concert CD audio system, full Milano leather upholstery and rear acoustic parking.

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