Spy Shots: Even better pics of the new '09 Acura TL

Click image above for additional pics of the 2009 Acura TL

We just showed you some spy pics of the 2009 Acura TL yesterday, but when one automotive photog saw the lo-res cellphone pics we ran, he knew he could do better. Our buddy Rich Truesdell of Automotive Traveler sent over a small patch of pics that he shot of the new mid-level Acura in action out in the Mojave. Just as with the new TSX and RL, the '09 TL seems to be adopting the corporate blocky metal triangle look. To paraphrase Fletch, "It's all about blocky metal triangles these days." Besides that signature fascia treatment, however, the rest of the car could easily be mistaken for a G37 sedan. Not bad, mind you, but not very distinctive either and surprising given the aggressively styled nose and tail. We'd say the best view is the rear-3/4 shot showing how the C-pillars continue out past the rear glass at their trailing edge and become the top edge of the rear deck. Pretty nifty. Check out our gallery below and Automotive Traveler to read about their encounter with the new TL.

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[Source: Automotive Traveler]

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