Chrysler aims to condense all three brands into single dealerships

Chrysler's Project Genesis plan has been gaining traction as of late. The goal is to cut out redundant models between the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands, which would also mean consolidating its entire product line into one dealership which offers all three marques. While there are some dealership owners fighting the strategy, The Detroit News reports that Chrysler already has fifty-eight percent of its dealerships offering its three brands, and its been able to cut out some smaller, less profitable sites in the process. While franchise laws prohibit Chrysler from requiring the switch, reducing its model line can have the same effect, forcing its dealers to offer the entire product catalog from the company in order to offer a full line of vehicles.
As a side benefit, the automaker hopes that its dealers can upgrade their franchises, offering a modern look and high-tech features such as Wi-Fi and a cafe on site. Of course, Chrysler needs to do its part by producing some good vehicles for those dealers to offer.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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