Envision a go-green car show

Looking for a new "green" car but find it ironic you have to drive all over Timbuktu just to check out what's available? Perhaps you also want to talk with a lender about getting a special deal for choosing a hybrid over a Hummer. Veronica Rojas of the Tallahassee, Florida-based Envision credit union had her green thinking cap on and dreamt up the idea of hosting an exhibition of the top fuel-sipping vehicular choices from dealerships around the area to publicize the institution's special APR discount program (3.65%!) for vehicles getting over 30 mpg. Her boss liked the idea as well and so the Envision Go Green Car Show was born.

Over the weekend, gas misers such as the Prius, Smart and Fit (see the gallery below) are gathered in one place so folks could see what choices are available in the metal and ask questions of dealership staff on hand. There are no worries about being pressured to buy as the event is strictly a show & tell affair. As well as cars, the all-electric Vectrix motorcycle and Piaggio 250ie MP3 on display and available to try out if you happen to have a motorcycle endorsement on your license.

Like any good car show there are drawings to enter and free hotdogs to eat. Prizes on offer include oil changes and several denominations of gas cards as well as a shot at a later drawing for a Vectrix. The brass on hand looked happy to see lots of people turning up early on Saturday. Credit Union President/CEO, Ray E. Cromer Jr. said, "Everyone is feeling the effects of high gas prices so we thought it would be helpful to give customers an opportunity to look at fuel efficient options."

[Source: Envision]

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